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Labanoon – Chai Ka Pak Kai – Bangkok

Labanoon concert at the Chai ka Pak Kai pub – Bangkok

The stage is bathed in bright lights, as if the stars themselves have decided to dance tonight. Methee, Anan and May appear, guitar and bass slung over their shoulders, drum stick in hand and smiles on their faces. The audience holds its breath, then the explosion: the first notes resonate, shaking the walls, vibrating in our chests.

The melodies follow one another, carrying away our souls. The words, in Thai, the emotion transcends linguistic barriers. The fans sing in unison, arms raised, as if each song was a cry from the heart.

I slip between the tranced bodies, looking for the perfect angles for my photos. Faces are illuminated by the screen of their phones, also capturing these magical moments. Drops of sweat bead on foreheads, but no one cares.

Labanoon continues the hits, Methee’s sweet voice mingling with the guitar riffs. I capture the smiles, the passionate looks, the hands reaching out towards the stage. Time stretches, suspended between chords.
I once again plunged into the soul of Bangkok, into this raw energy that enlivens its nights. And my photos? They are there, silent witnesses of this night when Labanoon set our hearts on fire.
Thank you Labanoon and see you soon!!

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